Monday, May 6, 2013

Ridiculous fashion scenario: Agent Zero

I decided to combine day 6th’s May blog challenge prompt (I modified this prompt to: If you couldn’t answer to your current job, what else would you do?) with a ridiculous fashion scenario. My last ridiculous scenario was my zombie apocalypse outfit, which was super fun to put together! 

If I had to leave my current profession for whatever reason, I would pursue my ultimate dream job: to work for the Central Intelligence Agency. You must be thinking, SERIOUSLY?? And for those who know me at a personal level, you’re probably shaking your head right now. Yes I know, I would probably be the most worthless agent, but boy would it be awesome to work for the nation’s most elite national security intelligence agency. I’ve always had a fascination with spy stuff: intelligence gathering, black ops field operations, clandestine services, etc. Maybe I’m more interested in the idea of it, because I know this can be pretty dangerous stuff, and the lifestyle can be really difficult. I may also have to work a bit on my field skills. Just a little bit.

Reasons why I would make a good agent:

 1. Linguistics: I can speak fluent English and 3 dialects of Chinese, 4 if you count a tiny bit of Cantonese (I can say “I’ll kill you!”). I think this would come in very handy. Plus, I love languages. If I had the time, I would totally love to learn French, Japanese, Arabic, Italian and Spanish.

2. Unsuspecting: Seriously, who would ever suspect this innocent face?

3. Interrogation techniques: I would plan to interrogate my suspects with kindness. They would be thrown so off guard that they will tell me everything I need to know. I’m sure there are also some acupuncture spots I can use for “interrogation”

4. Fire-arms: I can use a gun and automatic rifle... not very well, and I’ve had a few embarrassing “accidents”, BUT I am sure this can be refined with practice.

5. Information/Intelligence gathering: Oh man, I am so good at this. Just give me wireless with access to facebook and google.

6. Master of disguise: Just give me a few wigs, some make up, a closet full of free clothes, and I can make myself look like Emma Watson to Kobe Bryant.

Even more reasons why I would make a TERRIBLE agent

1. I’m really clumsy

2. I’m actually scared of firearms

3. I’m physically very weak, with poor exercise tolerance

4. I’m a terrible liar- put me on the spot to lie about something simple, and I’ll start getting shifty-eyed, flushed faced and my bowels will start gurgling.

5. I am too compassionate: in the middle of an interrogation, I would probably end up feeling bad for the suspect/terrorist and set him/her free.

6. When I feel threatened, my natural response is to run away and cry. If you threaten me just a little bit more, I’ll spill all the beans on whatever you would like to know.

7. I may easily betray you. Or will I? 

My lucky suit (Banana Republic): This is the only full suit that I have and I refuse to get another one. I've had this suit for 6 years now. It has gotten me through residency and fellowship interviews. It will bring me luck as I fight terrorism for the CIA.

What other job would you do??

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  1. you are tooooo cute!


    instagram: @christeeney

    1. I agree! You are so cute Christy! Stylish and fierce!


  2. You pass as an agent! Amazing! So lovely look yet fierce! I'm amazed by your linguistics. LOL at the fire arms haha :)

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  3. Christy, you've got such a great sense of humor! I loved this post! I always thought (in my dreams) that I wanted to be a Secret Service agent. I was fascinated during the Presidential elections when the press would talk about the heightened security, the motorcades, and everything else. Then I recently watched Olympus Has Fallen and it brought back my fascination for that type of stuff and all things Secret Service. So to say the least, I can relate to your post :)

    1. Thien, we saw Olympus has Fallen as well. Didnt think we would enjoy it as much as we did but sometimes you need a mindless action flick.

  4. Time out... forget the suit, I wanna see you dressed as Kobe Bryant.

    1. No problem Ben!! That will be my next ridiculous fashion scenario!

  5. Hahaha except for ones about grace, this is my fave post!

  6. You look sharp in this suit, Christy! Love your great sense of humor =) Enjoy your week.

  7. I love the part about Cantonese. When I read it I heard it in my mind immediately. :)

  8. hahaha. I think #4 and #6 would be your downfall :) Stopping over from the linkup! Love the outfit! You look hardcore.

  9. Great idea! I have dreamt about having mad physical skills like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, or the chicks in Kill Bill! But I'd probably be more like the dude in Chuck!!

  10. This entire post just made me so happy. Haha, you are hilarious (the Kobe Bryant comment had me rolling)! I think you would make a fabulous CIA agent. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. this mix is super! pure love

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    High fashion is also for you. <3

  12. Nice post :) Love your black look!

  13. Haha! you're too cute, Christy. You could TOTALLY pull off the CIA agent role (btw, what three Chinese dialects do you know? So curious!)

  14. I love this post Christy! I think you look amazing in the CIA role. ;)

    xo – Sheila
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  15. You are so cute! You'd make an awesome spy, except for that being clumsy and a terrible liar and being afraid of guns. ;-) Speaking of guns and your good reasons #4 - one day, I want to get the scoop on your shooting "oopsie"!

    You definitely put me to shame on the language front. Until I finally traveled to mainland China a couple of years ago, I didn't realize just how bad my Mandarin was. I probably couldn't even have a conversation with a first grader! (I speak Taiwanese at home with my parents and grandparents.)

    Looking forward to your next May posts!


  16. Hehehe I think you'd make an excellent agent killing them with kindness! Who cares if you're clumsy I think the adrenaline rushes that would inevitably be pumping through your veins would be enough to keep you from tumbling down!


  17. haha this is so cute! you definitely look like a secret agent! love your suit! you look super fierce!

    hehe yes that's my shoe closet :p you could but it might be a little hard because i''m in germany right now hahaha. maybe you should put your secret agent skills to good use hehe :p

  18. hilarious post :) Made me smile...I'm a big wimp :P I could NEVER be a spy...or anything dangerous and covert!

    Veloria in velvet

  19. LOL I seriously love your personality. Well, you'd make one sexy agent, that's for sure. And you're right, I would never suspect your innocent face. Seriously, I love your lists of why you would or wouldn't make a good CIA agent. I seriuosly cracked up at your acupuncture comment.

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  20. You look so classy!!!
    Nice blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  21. Christy, I'm going to love reading your blog because you are sooooo funny! HAHAHAHA That's the perfect suit for this! Well, you look the part! That's half the obstacle. HAHAHAHA But somehow I don't think that profession is for you. I had the same DREAMS, but definitely know my limitations. Anyway, you are a doll! This post gave me a good chuckle.

  22. ahha! Nice! But I think if there is a hint of color on the lips will brighten your face more! :)
    I don't speak three Chinese dialects, but I speak both Mandarin and Cantonese. I speak Spanish too, it is a passionate language and I think you will love it :)

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  23. I don't know what you're talking about regarding the reasons why you'd be a bad agent, you look amazing in that suit andd....are those christian Louboutins? They look too good not to be :)

  24. I love the outfit! So simple and chic!

    The thought of being a CIA agent came to my mind the other day. I think it's cause I watched Zero Dark Thirty last week. It would be a really poor lifestyle and I'd be such a bad agent, but can't hurt to daydream!

    reaches the sky

  25. I would definitely be doing something fashion related if I were to have another job other than one I have. And despite your opinions on why you would be a terrible least you'd look killer! That skirt suit looks amazing on you.

    BTW, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Details here:

    Wardrobe on Wheels

  26. Love this suit! Very professional.


  27. visit my blog plis.. you´re amazing

  28. Oh my gosh, haha I love all of your reasonings. I think I'd make a good agent just because I already get into that whole "ninja" mode after watching a thrilling movie. I'd be a bad agent because I am chalk full of emotions.


  29. Well this certainly is a great agent look. I actually use to work with someone whose plan was to work for the FBI, not sure how far he got with it as we lost track of one another. And I have another friend who also wanted to work for the FBI and even went to Washington to meet with a friend who works there (though not as an agent) but she would have to give up her Irish citizenship as she has dual citizenship and she did not want to do that. Love your profile picture.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  30. I love this.

    I'm actually a really good liar, but I try to not be too proud of this. LOL

  31. I'd be a good agent b/c I wear suits every cotton pickin day to work andddddddd I'm awesome. lol

  32. Um, yes!! Total dream job - it would be amazing. And you look gorgeous in this polished & chic look. xo v

    ps thanks for your comment yesterday, so made my day!! :)

  33. This post absolutely cracked me up.

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  35. We have the same dream job! However, I'm pretty sure that I'd need extensive training before I could even pass for a normal agent, lol. I love this outfit, it's very sophisticated and simple.



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