Saturday, May 4, 2013

Winter in May

I kid you not. It snowed about 10 inches yesterday
These pictures are to document the monstrosity of Minnesota's sporadic weather
Winter apparently does exist in May.

Then today, it rained non-stop...

Trench: Burberry (gifted)    Boots: Hunter      Jeans: 7   

I thought this was a funny prompt for the May Blog challenge. I all too often find myself in awkward situations. I've learned some very important lessons through all this: When in doubt, just keep your mouth shut. Smile, and pretend you didn't see/hear/smell anything

1. Asking a woman how far along she is in her pregnancy... when she's not pregnant.

2. Taking fashion pictures. I still get so embarrassed- I avoid public places as much as possible

3. Walking into a restaurant bathroom after someone had just gone #2. Then seeing them at their restaurant table afterwards.... and locking eyes. "I know what you did...and it smells"

4. Going to a full yoga class. Farting in an awkward yoga position. Not the silent kind

5. Giving presentations and forgetting what to say. 

6. Meeting extremely good looking people. 

7. Talking with someone and not being able to concentrate on the conversation because there's a huge booger in their nose.

In other news.....

1. Got my hair cut finally! I was starting to look like a cave woman

2. My friend Vinita at Many Hats of Me is hosting a blingy linky party! She's an amazing mama of 2 adorable kids who has all sorts of hidden talents- she's a gemstone/jewelry expert, photographer, art enthusiast, and real estate expert! Link your pretty jewelry to her site and those with the most likes will win a strand of Apatite beads! (Not sure what those are, but they sure look pretty!!)

Vinita's blog is here

Have a great weekend!! :)


  1. I totally agree and don't understand what it is about totally good looking people who make me feel really awkward too! But I stand up straighter so there's some perks of being awkward! I LOVE that first photo with the umbrella and boots, Hunter should make it their AW14 campaign! Happy weekend xx

  2. Nice post.... I am happy that I live in a sunny country... now :) I hate snow and winter... :) Love your trench.... great look... Do you wanna follow each other?

  3. Snow! Wish it snowed down here :( Love the trench you have on!

  4. What a great trench. But oh yeah Burberry is a wee bit outside my budget.Looks great on you!

    Ali of

  5. "4. Going to a full yoga class. Farting in an awkward yoga position. Not the silent kind"

    And I don't know how, but weather is crazy everywhere.. It's cool and rainy here in Atlanta, it's pissing me off! I had to take my sweatshirts back out of the closet! Crazy.

  6. I'm sure you're really busy with your family and our profession of course but I love that you are doing this challenge! I enjoy reading your posts. :) I did mention you in my blog a few times because I picked up your personal challenge to not shop for a year. Thanks for that!

  7. You look fabulous in that Burberry trench and red Hunters! I'm astounded at the thought of a blizzard in May. It was 100 degrees here yesterday!

    There's a guy at work I always manage to sound like an idiot in front of. He's good looking, but I think it's also because we're the same age but he's way higher up the command chain than me. When I see extremely good looking people out on the street, I tend to stare A LOT. I can't help it! I'm straight out of that Stuff Asian People Like entry.

  8. OMG are you kidding!? I mean in a way i think i would enjoy snow in may, but then its like, its May! Its almost summer, it should be warm. Anyway, I love love your trench, its gorgeous and so chic. You look beautiful.

  9. I love your trench, definitely in my bucket list. You look fabulous even in the rain ! It rain here today and the rest of the weekend and not really in the mood of any picture taking, my husband said otherwise. For all it's worth i am a blogger and rain not a storm should not defeat me with the purpose of taking pictures, lol !


  10. I love your photos, and your list of things that make you uncomfortable made me laugh out loud! Love it :) :)
    I'm sorry the weather has been so unpredictable in your part of the world... it's so bizarre because it feels like summer here on the west coast!

  11. I cannot believe that it snowed in May where you are! That's insane! It's been unseasonably cold here too in NC though. Guess summer's coming late this year. I love your fun red rain boots! Very cute!

  12. Ugh this weather right now is awful! Despite the May snow, you look super chic! I love your classic trench and bright rain boots :)
    I just found your blog and think it's so cute! Now following! xo


  13. Hi Christy! Thanks for contacting me through my blog :). How did you even find it? I'm so new at this...still trying to learn how it all works!

    I do remember you and your husband from our dim sum with Bev and Tony. In fact, I think you guys are Facebook friends with I've been able to kinda keep up to date with your lives and your daughter :). I'm so glad to see you guys doing well, and that your family is so happy after your daughter's health issues :)

    Definitely keep in touch! Maybe you can give me advice on how to be a better blogger : P. And if you guys are ever in Chicago again, we should definitely get together! Looking at all the snow you guys are having, Chicago seems like the tropics! But at least you look amazing in your Burberry trench!!

    Veloria in velvet

  14. OMG! Winter in May? That's a first I heard off. yay! And like you, I also feel embarrassed whenever I take outfit photos in public. hahaha.. It feels so awkward with all the people staring at you. lmao. :D

    Rhea Bue

  15. I drove to Rochester on Friday and was amazed by the amount of snow. Winter has had its hold in MN for so long this season--it certainly is testing our patience for warm sunny days. The first photo is just perfect, and the trench coat looks amazing on you!

  16. Oh goodness #1 on your awkward much is hilarious. I've done that once and I had to walk away immediately after she told me she wasn't pregnant. I love your Burberry trench!


  17. this gave me a good laugh for the day. thanks for sharing your cute blog~

  18. Thanks so much for visiting my page! Our little 'heat wave' in the 70s has ended. It seems pretty grey today, at least in my neighborhood. But if it does rain, at least I get to break out my new Hunter boots, which I'm looking forward to doing. Perhaps I will copy you and wear it with a trench coat. I adore your Burberry coat. You look lovely! & the awkward things gave me a laugh, so thank you for that!


  19. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  20. these pictures are stunning! love the fun red boots, cute umbrella and a touch of snow! so fun!

  21. Nice challenge for May! Yay!
    But you still look nice in the fashion photos. Nothing seemed it was awkward first haha :)

    Oh dear! The weather! But I wish it were cooler here in the Philippines. 38 degrees ain't fun! >.< So hot!

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  22. cuteness! great hair!

  23. greeat pics! love those hunter boots =)


    instagram: @christeeney

  24. Haha, I LOVE your list. Meeting extremely good looking people totally makes me uncomfortable too. I love these pictures!

  25. You look so cute in these pics! I hear you on winter in May, I'm in Denver and I think (cross fingers) it has finally stopped snowing...but who knows. I've been dying for a Burberry trench, I absolutely love yours!

    xxoo - jessica

  26. Hiiii Christy! Your photos are amazing! So beautiful!
    I'm from Brazil, and there's no snow here.. so i always love this kind of background!

  27. These pics are so cool! I love your trench, hunter boots and what a fabulous umbrella. You look so chic doll!

  28. This is so cute! I love the trench coat and red boots - they make the outfit spring-ish, even in the snow.


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