Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hand-made by Meg-made

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the greatest joys that I have been able to experience since blogging is having the opportunity to connect with people from across the world and meeting some extraordinary ladies that I would never have had a chance to communicate with otherwise. All of you are so unique in different ways, and more talented, creative, innovative and fashionable than I could ever be.

One of these ladies that I have had an honor to get to know is Meg, from Meg-made, a London based mom, wife, chef, event planner, etsy shop owner and superwoman! I kid you not when I say that she is a superwoman - this girl can seriously do, make, create, plan, bake, cook, sew ANYTHING. Just give her a piece of string, some cardboard, and glue..... she will build you a house decorated with confetti balloons, while presented with a table full of delicious baked goods.

Her Etsy shop is a reflection of her creativity for event planning, decorations, beautiful hair pieces and so much more. She was so kind to think of Grace, and sent her two beautiful hair bands- delicately and skillfully hand crafted. They are so cute that I actually tried to use it for myself, and am contemplating wearing it for my next outfit :) Hey, it's never too early to start sharing accessories with your daughter.
As much as she loved the hair piece, there was only so much she could handle before ripping it off. Ahhh toddlers. All they need is just a little bit more time :) In the meantime, I'm sure she won't mind if I borrowed them for awhile.
I seriously love Meg's blog. She just has some of the most delicious recipes and cutest DIY projects. I guarantee that you'll enjoy it too! Check out her Etsy shop as well!


  1. I loved reading the story of your daughter. She is simply lovely and her story is certainly a miracle. What a great testimony you have now:) Blessings. Susan

  2. I loved these pictures of Grace!..especially the one where she's ripping the headband off. It's so sweet knowing how many great people you've been able to meet through the blog and through Grace as well.

  3. What pretty headbands! So cute on Grace. It really is a treat to meet so many inspiring people through blogging!

  4. Christy, they looked absolutely adorable on Grace! So cute! That was really nice of Meg. So kind. Have a great weekend doll.

  5. Love these pretty floral headbands, they are so girly and great!

  6. How lovely these are and look so sweet on your little girl.

    Thanks for all the kind and dear comments you left for me the other day. I am savoring every moment with my kids until they go back to school next week!!

    Enjoy your family this weekend!

  7. Lovely, well written piece. I do love the creative work of the etsy artist you featured.
    The pics as so adorable, too!
    XX, Elle

  8. these are so pretty and delicate! I love them on your daughter. Gorgeous!

  9. They are so cute! I love Etsy to find all these cute little handmade treasures!
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  10. Awee those are such cute designs! Adorable! :)

  11. Those are so cute.. and these pics are too adorable!

  12. So beautiful! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? xx

  13. So cute Christy!! I LOVE Kate Spade, and you pull of that dress so well!

    xo, Jessica

  14. Those are SO cute! I'd wear them, too! Haha, and the picture of Grace pulling it off reminds me of how my mom said I was at that age; bows and headbands never stayed on for long!

  15. Cute post!


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