Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gingham styling when I retire

Top: Banana Republic
Shorts: Jcrew
Flats: Jcrew
Bag: Prada

So this topic has nothing to do with the outfit, but I think most of you have figured out by now that I babble about random things completely unrelated to fashion posts. That’s what makes blogging fun, I suppose. You get to do/say a little bit of everything. Today my random, nonsense thought of the day was triggered by a home visit that I made to one of my older patients last week who lives by himself. It got me thinking…

Have you guys ever thought about what you would want to do on a typical day after you retire? You must think I’m crazy. Maybe I’m just working around too many old people. Seriously though, our lives are busy now, but one day (for me, 35 years from now), we will have NO WORK to do. No deadlines to meet. No projects to complete. Our days will be free and empty…. To do what?

So I was thinking about this in the bathroom the other day how I would want to plan out each day:

My daily retirement schedule:

Wake up at ANYTIME! Lets say 9AM.  
Read the paper (or maybe in 2048 they’ll have CMR** brain chips that will deliver all information to us through wireless magnetic downloads), have breakfast and drink my coffee.

10-10:30 AM: Gentle exercising - Tai Chi (This has been proven to reduce the risk of falls in the elderly) or Yoga, if my osteoporotic hips will still allow

10:30-11AM: Shower and get my hair did with my nursing home friends

11-Noon: Watch The Price is right. This show will be on FOREVER…. And I will watch it through my CMR brain chip. Either that, or Young and the Restless, which will also be on forever.

Noon-1: Lunch

1-3 pm: Nap time! Yes, I love long naps

3-4 pm: Tea and biscuits with the ladies. Maybe play some Mahjong or cards, specifically Euchre

4-6 pm: Happy hour: Read my favorite books. Boy so many books to catch up on. I want to re-read all the classics, all the Stephen King and Michael Crichton series, maybe re-read the Babysitters Club. Knit/sew for the grandkids. Do my quiet-times/read the word/pray. Take granny blog pictures of the latest and greatest denture products and hearing aids J Yes, I will still be blogging at that time. Will you still be reading along? My goal is 10,000 bloglovin friends by that time

6-7 pm: Dinner

7-8 pm After dinner walk/stroll/exercise regimen

And here’s the best part:

8pm- Bedtime: Popcorn and movie night EVERY NIGHT. I plan to catch up on all the TV show series I’ve stopped following- like LOST, Glee, Grey’s anatomy, 24 and Breaking Bad. Just to name a few.

HOW AWESOME WOULD THESE DAYS BE??? What would you guys do?? I can't wait to retire. Golden years, here I come!

**CMR = cellular memory review


  1. I need more gingham in my closet - yours is adorable!

  2. Christy, you are a RIOT girl! HAHAHAHA I'm LMFAO right now! That's the last thing I expected you to talk about. I applaud your Senior Moment schedule girl! You HAVE a plan! I hope reading Stephen King doesn't give you heart palpitations at that age. I hope Jeopardy is still around to keep my mind sharp! HAHAHAHA I love gingham and that pink gingham shirt on you is too cute! Your look is so classic! I love it, because that is me! Great picture of you and Grace. Wishing you a lovely day doll! You look beautiful.

  3. oh my goodness, Christy, you are too darn funny. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. You're outfit is amazing and you look fabulous, as always. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on the blog today. :) xo

  4. You have awesome plans for retirement. Haha! The last picture is so cute and sweet! :)

    I am Jenniya

  5. Such a lovely look :) xx

  6. You look great! Love the shirt!

    Have a fantastic day!
    ♥ Oksana {new post}

  7. Lol loved the retirement itinerary. Where's Aaron in the schedule?!!!

  8. Love reading your schedule! Your gingham shirt is so sweet, I really need to find one too.

  9. That sounds like a plan! Esp lovin' the everyday movie night with popcorn haha. Great outfit, Christy! So classic & preppy :)

  10. Ah I love the gingham print and it's so cute with the white shorts. So amazing you get to take a nap in the middle of the day! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  11. Haha I love your daily schedule. Although, I don't plan on being in a nursing home when I retire. My husband and I are going to retire somewhere near the water, like a lake house or beach house. Peaceful and relaxing.. ahh bliss.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I love your random thought of the day. I hope we'll be in the same nursing home. I love seeing little Grace, she is adorable.

  13. Love this look Christy! You are so beautiful!

    xo, Jessica

  14. i do love love love gingham item!!

  15. I love this post, those pictures are so well done! Gingham looks fabulous on you, esp paired with white shorts :P Haha and so cute how you've made a retirement schedule for yourself already, talk about daydreaming huh?

    xx Debbie

  16. I'm all about random:) I guess I haven't ever given it too much thought, but maybe I'll just plan on moving in next door because your daily routine sounds like it would be right up my alley! It is crazy to think about what life will be like years from now and where technology will be. I really love this look too! Minimalistic, but just enough color and print to make a statement:)


  17. You are so funny. I love this post. It sounds like a great day to me! My in-laws are retired and they are SO busy. My MIL actually just broke 3 bones in her face playing softball. She is 70. And she was all pumped about getting to snow ski this year for free. I hope I'm that active when I'm 70! I hope to travel a lot when we retire. Which means I should probably stop shopping now and save my $...


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  18. When I retire...I will TRAVEL. That's what my parents do...I never know where in the world (literally!) they are :P

    P.S. I think this pink color is your this gingham top on you :)

    Veloria in Velvet

  19. That's so funny! :p a daily retirement schedule. hehehe. I do love the white shorts, Christy!


  20. oooh! love everything about this!

    also, I have a giveaway going on! super easy to enter if you are interested! check it out!! :)

    love, rach.

  21. Such a great outfit - so clean and crisp. I love the red and white together.

  22. You look so pretty! Love your shirt!

  23. Haha my husband and I always talk about this! We always say that we'll only eat two meals a day - brunch and an early dinner and read all the books we want. Sigh... it will be so wonderful!

    I love the outfit - perfect for a picnic!

  24. Haha this is awesome... hopefully when I'm old enough to retire, I'll be having more adventures than I am now... :)

  25. I love that top! I cannot wait to retire, haha! There are so many things I want to do. I'll probably spend all my retirement time on the xbox and on youtube!

    Corinne x

  26. Cute gingham shirt! The retired life does sound nice... my husband and I always say that it would be fun to travel, but when it comes down to it we are both total home bodies and will probably lounge about at home drinking coffee, eating, and exercising to offset the eating. :D

  27. wow, you have it all planned out! i can't wait either. i plan to sleep in, sleep late, read lots, catch up on movies, spend lots of time outdoors and with the ladies, TRAVEL! and then escape for 6 months during the winter and escape these horrible canadian winters. i can't say that i will continue granny blog photos though, lol. i can just picture it. oh 30-some years to go.... we will get there! ;)
    Sparkle & Chic

  28. beautiful photos and I like your retirement list so cool. That top is gorgeous I am looking for a gingham top like this but maybe in navy? Anyways hope you're well
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  29. oh Christy this are beautiful photos and your little girl is too precious. I told my husband that I want to retire at 40 and now that I stayed home, it feels like I am retired already, lol.


  30. Happy Friday!! I just wanted to say thank you again for your incredibly sweet comment on my blog - I'm serious when I say I was blushing and smiling when I read it - I think my hubby probably thought I was a little crazy smiling to myself LOL! Anyways, I always love your random babbles and YES that's what makes blogging fun, totally agree. Guess what? I think about my retirement life ALL THE TIME!! Especially when I have bad weeks like this one, I just think to nice would it be to be retired already and do whatever I want and make my own schedule filled with the things I love!? I adore your idea of movie night every night! I wish we lived in the same city so we could do tea time together as well! Ok, now I have totally babbled on your blog but just wanted to say hi and also - beautiful outfit! You look gorgeous in gingham! :) Have a great weekend!


  31. I always love it when fashion posts are not just about fashion and that there is a lot more content to that. Some fashion posts are just about their OOTD but I like it when I get to know the blogger more than just her outfit.

    Your retirement plan sounds like a bliss. Blogging till you are old sounds like a totally cute idea.

    Thank you for returning the visit, Christy. I always appreciate the 2-way communication from bloggers. =) Italy is a really beautiful country and if you manage to find the time, plan for a holiday there. You would love it especially since you mentioned that you are into history, culture and architecture.

  32. hehehe, i think about retirement all the time b/c i feel like i'm living it right now.. since i got pregnant i stopped working and now i spend my days at home or with my mom.. but i hope when my husband retires and our kids are all grown up, i hope that we'll be in hawaii somewhere! <3

  33. I love this! This has got to be one of my favorite looks of all time! Comfortable and classy :)

    <3 Hannah

  34. I love you you vision your retirement years. It's one topic that my husband and i enjoy talking about. That's a pretty gingham shirt. Have a great weekend.


  35. Hahaha I love that you plan out your retirement. My husband is the same way, he already has a vision of what he'll do everyday, what he'll wear, where we'll live, what he'll drive, and I'm just like, IT'S WAY TOO FAR AHEAD FOR ME TO PLAN. I think I just don't want to set high expectations for something that's so far away, when life has a lot of time to throw a million curveballs in between.

    I just bought the same gingham top at BR the other day! but they didn't have my regular size, so I bought it in petite sizing, which I usually try to avoid. Does the shirt shrink at all? The length is perfect right now but I'm afraid with the linen blend that it will shrink and then be too short :(

  36. I can't even begin to think about my own retirement though I do know it will be full of lots of rest/relaxation. Cute gingham top!

    xo, alison*elle

  37. the gingham with the white shorts are darling! great look!

  38. I love the gingham and white shorts. It looks so fresh. I've never thought about retirement, maybe because I'm so busy with things at the moment but I think lots of relaxing, reading, creating and volunteering will make up my days :)

  39. Love the top! Love the fresh and comfortable look...

  40. LOL! Your retirement plan sounds awesome to me. Good luck with that.

    Gingham ROCKS! That is all...

  41. Love this outfit! You look so relaxed and comfortable :) and you made me think... I think about how to get to retirement and planning for it but I haven't really thought about what to do after I retire :)

    Visiting from the Sunday Style blog hop,
    Rhea @ Rhea Et Cetera

    Happy Sunday! :)

  42. Another Prada purse... Oh I want one :)
    Your retirement Sched is pretty awesome! Love your gingham top too.

  43. This is such a great outfit!! Gingham is the best. You are not weird at all. I cannot wait to retire! I will finally have time to read the million books I have. Naps will be awesome as well. I'm just sad that's such a LONG way off.

    Style of One's Own

  44. You're only 35, so it's going to be a while before you reach your retirement period. Haha! Although it's good to know that you've already got plans for your future, Well, you will definitely reach your golden years. For now, enjoy the good life!

    Melody Rosenbaum @ Texas Retirement Specialists


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