Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stethoscope Stories: Physician's Blog Hop Volume 5 & Belated Thanksgiving Post

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to Volume 5 of Stethoscope stories- A Holiday post for the busy working mom...
With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's so close together, it's often hard to get all holidays off, especially being in the medical field. How you you guys balance your career and spending time celebrating the holidays?

When I was an internal medicine resident, it was almost impossible to fight through all the time off requests. Aaron spent many holiday evenings alone - eating microwaved meals while I was on a night shift rotation or ICU call. It was really sad at times. We didn't have kids then (this was over 4 years ago) I remember one Thanksgiving evening, he felt sorry for himself- so he reserved a table for 1 at Cracker Barrel and indulged on their pre-made cranberry Turkey meal combo, then came home and played video games all night :) Poor guy

Now as an attending, there's much more flexibility. Mayo gives all employees certain Holidays off, and this includes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Another great perk of working at Mayo Clinic :) Sometimes I do have to cover a nursing home, but this is usually for half a day and am able to spend the evenings with the family. What a difference!

If you are still in the grueling training period... there are many ways we can make the most out of working over the Holidays:

1.  I would rather be working than be sick in the Hospital. Remember your patients- they are probably depressed and miserable. If you have a few minutes, do something outside of your comfort zone. One Christmas, I took my dinner into a patient room and enjoyed a nice meal and conversation by their bedside. It was the highlight of my day

2. The hospital holiday meals are actually really good. Much better than my cooking, at least!

3. If you have kids, and have a few minutes to spare, have them visit you in the hospital! It'll be a nice change of pace

4. Gather some co-workers together and while on rounds, try some caroling by bedside. Super fun!!

In other news, happy belated Thanksgiving!! This was our Turkey, made by mama Chen and stuffed with sticky rice with Chinese Sausages

And can't forget the outfit of the day! Brought to you by SuperDry

Coat: Superdry
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bracelet: Chloe and Isabel
Jeans: AG
Shoes: Toms


How was your Thanksgiving??
How do you handle Holiday coverage, and making the most out of working through the holidays?

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  1. That Turkey looks good. Wow. Sticky rice and sausage? Why didn't we think of that?

    I love your tips about surviving the holidays. i was the same. I focused on the good things (i.e. I have a cool job, I work at a great hospital, I'm learning a lot etc) instead of wallowing and being miserable that I'm working on a holiday.

    Next time I work on a holiday, I'll find an opportunity to share a meal with a family. :)

    And yes my family did visit me during Easter Sunday on call, Mother's Day, Black Friday call......

  2. u look great , love the parka
    Keep In Touch

  3. Love this post! Will def be keeping your tips for working holidays in right about focusing on the positive!

  4. glad you had a good christmas and new years despite you all being sick. that's too bad. love your green parka by they way! hope you're doing well these days! thanks for your stories. my guy is contemplating internal medicine, so if that's the path he ends up taking, i'm not looking forward to those days alone :( especially after all the years of long distance now. but I will appreciate fully the time we have together so that's a good way to look at it! happy new year to you and the family !

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