Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Everyday workwear

Today was a nice, relaxing day. I have a short break between now my spring courses, so I was able to finish most of my patient care work in the early afternoon, and even had time to call a few of my older patients to see how they're doing. I love hearing their familiar voices and hearing about new stories. We usually spend a few minutes talking about their health, then the rest of the conversation is about various other things..
- "My granddaughter got a new boyfriend and he is such a moron, kids nowadays just have no respect for us old folks anymore!! Make sure Grace finds a nice boy someday."
- "A new lady just moved into the room down the hall where Glady's use to live. She's terrible... she keeps banging her walker into the wall and causing ruckus. It's times like these I wish I were deaf"

Did you know that old people are the biggest and funniest gossipers. Especially the women... holy cow, nursing homes are worse than high school for some of these women. I don't call them to hear about the gossip, they just .... tell me, and it's hilarious I tell ya. I don't even know how to respond half the time.

Another great thing I enjoy about working here is that we don't have to wear those awful, bulky, heavy white coats that are so flappy and get caught on door handles. It's been fun to be able to dress up for work. In residency, our coats were so large that it didn't matter what you wore underneath. Sometimes I wore the same pants for as long as a week at a time. Talk about lazy.. and unsanitary.

Despite how beautiful bright and vibrant colors are, I still haven't been able to find the courage to wear them to work. Maybe someday. Maybe in the spring! I admire all the fashion bloggers who can put together vibrant colors mixed with unique patterns and look fabulous. I guess as of right now I'm more comfortable with dark, neutral and "safe" colors. Yes.. I'm boring :) But hey.. whatever you're comfortable with at the moment, right? Watch, a year from now I'll be strutting around looking like Lady Gaga.

Aaron and I were able to grab a quick drink at Starbucks and walk around the clinic campus for a bit. It's nice to be able to spend time with him for a little bit during work hours. Sometimes we go to work together in the morning- he goes to study on the university campus and then we meet up for lunch. It's always nice to get that extra bit of time to spend with each other

Top: Ann Taylor  Skirt: Jcrew  Jacket: Burberry   Shoes: Ferragamo

Have a great week! 

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ridiculous fashion scenario: The Zombie Apocalypse

Aaron and I often have strange topics of conversation. One topic that we often talk about is what would we do... if the world faced a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Don't laugh people, it could happen someday.  Any type of apocalypse, really... it could be a zombie outbreak, some sort of deadly viral pandemic, a massive world-wide blackout, major natural disaster, alien invasion, you name it. Society would become total chaos. What would you do then?? Some of our favorite shows and movies involve zombies, end of the world scenarios and we find it interesting to talk about what we would do if we were in that situation. Where would you go? How much food do you have to feed your family? How far would you go to make sure you and your loved ones are safe? One book that I really want to read (once I get all my research out of the way) is World War Z. The movie is coming out this summer, but I hear it's an excellent book to read first. We live in such a seemingly safe world of laws and order (well, not really...) but what if all that wasn't available anymore and we were called to survive on our own??

Anyways... to all my fashion blog friends, this is a little bit unconventional, but we thought it would be fun to start a fashion series involving ridiculous scenarios. Today's scenario is what would you wear if the world faced a zombie apocalypse.

I'd also like to mention that the original outfit had also involved some fire-arms, which probably would be the most useful during an actual zombie outbreak, but seeing as how we were wandering around a public park, I decided not to wear it. (Much to Aaron's disappointment)

I would have to say that layering would be the most important. You'll be traveling around through 4 seasons of weather, ranging from smoldering heat to freezing storms, but I would make the pieces light so the weight and bulkiness does not hinder me from running from the undead. Tank-top- Express. Sweater: Thrifted. Thermal zip cardigan: Columbia. Jacket: Thrifted

A light, cashmere scarf to keep your neck warm, and short enough so it doesn't get in the way or cause me to trip when I need to run. This one I borrowed indefinitely from my brother in-law. Thanks, Milo... I bet you didn't even realize I stole this from you :)

Proper footwear is of utmost importance. Something durable, waterproof, warm, appropriate for deep snow and also again, something you can also RUN FAST in. Sorrel's are awesome boots for such purpose.

Bottoms: Thermal, stretch tights. You could also do comfortable jeans, but something that allows flexibility so that when you DO need to make a quick bolt, it won't get caught or rip easily. Thermal tights are surprisingly warm even as a single layer during winter days.
Backpack: Eddie Bauer makes nice, durable backpacks with tons of side pockets and secret compartments

Sunglasses: Can't shoot zombies accurately in the head if you have the sun blinding your eyes

Emergency necklace: Okay this necklace is pretty useless because it's just a statement piece, BUT there's no reason why you can't look fabulous during the end of the world.
I would probably replace those jewelry pieces with: 1. An emergency bullet 2. A small knife  3. A flashlight (solar charged), 4. A small compass

There you go. My apocalypse outfit. Now go kill them zombies

Participating in my first blog link up this week! What a great idea.