Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aaron's Winter Movie Reviews!

Hey everyone, its been a while but Aaron's movie reviews are back! Ive got three of the biggest movies that are out right now so if you havent seen then yet, possible SPOILERS!

Lets start with every fantasy geek's pick of the season. I for one had some pretty big expectations for this one, I mean the LOTR trilogy was so epic. So when the reviews came out for the movie,  I was a little taken back. People were saying that the movie was boring, it looked funny, and was just meh.

I'm happy to say that I think the critics were completely wrong. The movie wasn't boring at all. I want to compare it to a fun night at a friend's house, an analogy if you will. The first hour is like a nice dinner where you are treated to stories of the past and tantalizing hints of what is to come. You are enjoying yourself but you really want the dinner to end and the partying to begin. The second and third hour, yes this movie is almost three hours long, is like playing Mario Party and Risk all at the same time with maximum players. This s**t just got real! If goblin slaying, Orc killing, eagle riding insanity isn't enough to wake you up, what more do you want? Can we also mention how amazing the actor for Gollum is?

This is the first movie since Avatar that I watched in 3D and I wasn't able to watch the 48 fps version, but I'm happy to say that the 3D experience was a good one for me. It didn't seem like a gimmick and I feel it helped immerse me more in the world of Middle Earth.

The only quip I have with this movie are the annoying scenes with Frodo and the weird reference to the invention of golf.

All in all a definite recommend, 4 tasty little Hobbitses out of 5 (****)

Now onto something a little more controversial. Lets get something straight right off the bat, this piece of movie cinema is the family night flick you have been waiting for! Django Unchained is an ode to unfailing love, and how one man will stop at nothing for love. He has to win her back from the clutches of a richer man trying to buy her love, if only she would just notice him!!!!

Whoa there! I was thinking of some sissy chick flick for a second. Sorry everyone let me get back on track. Django isn't really a classic Tarantino film but I think that's what makes it the best one I've seen in a while. The first hour has some of the best and funniest dialogue I've heard in a while, and for you action lovers out there, there is no shortage of blood and carnage. Every cliche you can think of for racism, from the Colonel Sanders plantation owner to Samuel L Jackson, just drips blaxploitation. For all you DiCaprio lovers out there, this isn't Titanic. Leo is so good at being bad that Tarantino actually said that he hated his character.

There are some tough scenes to watch like a slave getting mauled by a dog or two guys fighting to the death, but the dialogue, pacing, incredible acting by the leads, and the amazing soundtrack made this movie a real treat. In the end the good guys win and the bad guys dead. I loved this movie, end of the story.

5 perfect bullets out of 5 (*****)

Finally we get to Zero Dark Thirty, the story we all wanted to know more about. Let me first say that the preview is a little misleading. This is NOT an action movie, it is a purposeful and methodical dissection of what it took to stop terrorism and ultimately kill Bin Laden. The first two hours are definitely on the slower side, but in a way I'm glad the director didn't try to "Hollywood" this movie and turn it into an action flick. Don't get me wrong you will get to see in Seals kick some Al Qaeda butt, but the movie is more about the struggles the analyst Maya went through to see Bin Laden dead.

Some people are going to offended by watching this movie because there is a lot of torture in it. This movie is not for the faint of heart, but it manages to tow the line in not condoning torture but also acknowledging the fact that it does exist. 

The final 30 mins of the movie are some of the most heart pumping minutes I've seen so far. You really feel like you are right there watching the operation with a front row seat. All I can say is thank you to all the military and intelligence people that work tirelessly for the safety of this country.

3 double taps out of 5 (***)

Finally I wanted to end by say that Ill be doing much more reviews on the regular from now on. Thank you to everyone for praying and helping us in the every way during Grace's stays in the hospital. Here is a pic of her this past Christmas opening her first presents! Daddy loves you Grace!