Thursday, August 29, 2013

She loves me.

My last ditch effort to hang on to summer
Dress: Shopruche (old)

Opening up a little bit today...

Lately, I had been feeling really insufficient as a mom and as a person. Last month I wasn't around much for Grace because I was pretty involved with work related things. It only takes one month for a child to notice that a parent hasn't been as present. Grace didn't want me anymore! I use to put her to sleep, and but she kept pushing me away. If Aaron and I were together playing with her, she would rather crawl towards him and sit on his lap. If I held her and someone else came along, she would immediately want to squirm away from me. One time, I tried to put her to sleep- she slapped me, pushed me away and tried to run away from me in bed- frantically crawling towards the door, screaming "baba!! baba!!"

I know she doesn't mean anything by this, and she is just expressing some of her preferences, but I just couldn't help but feel unloved. Then the feelings of blame started- "it's my fault that she doesn't prefer you, how come you weren't around more? Maybe if you breastfed more, she would be closer to you. You've always been so busy and now your daughter doesn't prefer you"... blah blah blah. 

My best friends, Rachelle, Beverly and I have been lifting each other up in prayer through emails. Both of them have little ones, and we are all going through our own types of struggles. They reminded me why we are praying everyday for the physical, spiritual and emotional well-beings of our children. Grace has her preferences right now, and that's okay! The selfish side of me wanted Grace to love me and show it through physical affection all the time, with greater preference towards me than anyone else because I'm her mom! I needed to understand and be okay with the fact that it doesn't always have to manifest that way. Being a mom has given me so much more insight and understanding of our loving God and the unconditional love He shows us everyday, yet we continue to push Him away. Despite all that, His intentions and love for us never change. I know that Grace will continue to change as she grows, but I hope that she grows while fixating her eyes upon Jesus, be willing and teachable towards the word, and grow to be in His likeness.

These pictures of Grace and I warmed my heart because it reminded me that she does love me. We are the world to her. She runs to us for comfort and support, and she always wants to be around us. I hope that will never change :)

Have a great laborday weekend!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Haunted Viaduct

A slight departure from our normal posts...
We are visiting Chicago for a wedding this weekend (Congrats Alan and Ann!) and on our way home this evening, passed by this eerie, haunted looking viaduct with puke yellow lighting. We decided to snap some pictures, and it surprisingly turned out kind of interesting. Aaron has decided to experiment with some different types of light and photographic styles. 

Entire outfit: Borrowed from Mother in law :)
Dress: Calvin Klein
Purse: Vintage Chanel (Borrowed)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Ropes Course

In grade school gym class, I was that kid. The sad little buck-toothed, four eyed, scrawny kid who no one wanted on their team because I was awful at performing any sort of athletic activity with the least bit of coherency. I was that kid who got picked very last, even after the fat, smelly kid. I remember very clearly the day that I had a chance to prove myself worthy to my peers... it was our 5th grade end of the year obstacle course relay-race, and I was (for some absurd reason) the very last person. I was the game winning participant. They chose me to finish the last portion of the relay-race by climbing a rope to the ceiling. I'll keep the story short, as I prefer not to elicit any post-traumatic memories... but lets just say that my team lost, and I was found dangling, struggling and wiggling at the bottom of the rope after everyone had already finished.

This shirt reminds me of my athletic failures, in particular... anything that has to do with a ropes course. Ah well, life goes on. Good thing I don't need to climb any ropes nowadays, right?

Sweater: Banana Republic
Shorts: J.Crew
Sandals: ShopRuche
Purse: F21

Lets just hope Grace grows up with better athletics skills than I had :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Wedding with Kate Spade

Dress: Kate Spade 
(Pardon the wrinkles, it was a long car-ride)

This past weekend we traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan for my good friend Sheila's wedding. 

The highlight of the wedding was not only seeing her get married, but also reuniting with a group of close high-school friends I haven't seen for years. These girls and I grew up together back in the day. 

We all went through the tortures of Chinese school together, battled through boy problems, embarrassed ourselves thoroughly with self-choreographed dances to the Backstreet Boys and Britney  Spears. I could go on for days about all the shenanigans we pulled back in the day. We called ourselves the "AsianJewelz". Yes, I can hear you laughing... but I'm telling ya, the AsianJewelz were the shiznats. We were freaking awesome. 15 years later, these girls are now all successful doctors, engineers and MBA grads who have made their presence known in society and I couldn't be more proud of them. I don't know when I'll see them again, but they've sure made lasting footprints in my heart, and will always be some of my oldest and greatest friends :)

Stay in touch:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hand-made by Meg-made

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the greatest joys that I have been able to experience since blogging is having the opportunity to connect with people from across the world and meeting some extraordinary ladies that I would never have had a chance to communicate with otherwise. All of you are so unique in different ways, and more talented, creative, innovative and fashionable than I could ever be.

One of these ladies that I have had an honor to get to know is Meg, from Meg-made, a London based mom, wife, chef, event planner, etsy shop owner and superwoman! I kid you not when I say that she is a superwoman - this girl can seriously do, make, create, plan, bake, cook, sew ANYTHING. Just give her a piece of string, some cardboard, and glue..... she will build you a house decorated with confetti balloons, while presented with a table full of delicious baked goods.

Her Etsy shop is a reflection of her creativity for event planning, decorations, beautiful hair pieces and so much more. She was so kind to think of Grace, and sent her two beautiful hair bands- delicately and skillfully hand crafted. They are so cute that I actually tried to use it for myself, and am contemplating wearing it for my next outfit :) Hey, it's never too early to start sharing accessories with your daughter.
As much as she loved the hair piece, there was only so much she could handle before ripping it off. Ahhh toddlers. All they need is just a little bit more time :) In the meantime, I'm sure she won't mind if I borrowed them for awhile.
I seriously love Meg's blog. She just has some of the most delicious recipes and cutest DIY projects. I guarantee that you'll enjoy it too! Check out her Etsy shop as well!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Whale you be my friend?

I think it's so phenomenal what a camera can capture. It can take a nuclear polluted pond (Pictured behind me) and make it appear like we are in Bora Bora. (OH HOW I WISH WE ARE IN BORA BORA!!)
My husband is now head over heels, or shall I say head over loafers obsessed with photography. He is watching youtube videos non-stop, studying the manual and upgrading lenses on a camera that's not even ours. He's taking pictures of the keyboard as we speak. 
Whale shirt and shorts: Jcrew
Belt: Shopruche

Thank you so much to everyone for leaving such encouraging and loving comments on my last post about Grace's special gift. Thanks also for the emails. There are a few of you who I don't know how to properly thank and respond to, since I wasn't able to find a blog to comment back on or an email address that I can write to, so I just wanted to say thank you again on this post.

I have met so many great friends through Sunny with a side of. This has been such a wonderful community, I appreciate all of you for following/reading and being a part of our lives. It has also been exciting getting to know all of you as well. 

So this is just a super brief post to express my gratitude to you, I've really enjoyed all your friendship. Lets stay in touch:

Whale you be my friend? ;)

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Special Gift for Grace

I was moved to tears today when I received this package from our good friends, Rachel and Jon. It was from Rachel's thoughtful grandparents, Tom and Mary and their wonderful church in California. It was a beautiful soft blanket, hand-made by someone whom we have never met, and given to Grace by a church congregation that has been diligently praying for our daughter over the past year. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was so touched that these remarkable people have been praying for Grace this entire year, thinking of her everyday, wishing her well and loving her so much. I was partly in disbelief, and then it hit me: THIS is why she is doing so well. THIS is why she continues to be a miracle each and everyday. THIS is why we never lose hope, no matter how discouraging things get. Sometimes I still become sad because she can't walk by herself or talk yet, her left side is weak, and she is still behind most kids her age, but my goodness... she is ALIVE, and HAPPY. She is seizure free and cured. She is here with us today because of God's grace and faithful prayer warriors from across the nation who continue to believe in her, and think about her everyday. This package today reminded me again of how incredible and unified the church congregation is, and gave me hope that I sometimes lose. It reminded me of why Grace went through all that she did - she's a testimony and a constant reminder of God's goodness, faithfulness, and the power of the body of Christ. For those of you who are new to Grace's story, you can read her original journey starting from here.
While Grace was holding the letter, she looked at it like she knew how special it is. She knew that it was for her, and she smiled. Then she proceeded to try to wrinkle it up, and I took it away from her just before she tried to eat it. This letter and blanket is such a gift, and I will plan to keep it with all of her other treasures that were given to us so that she may open them someday and remember how much she is loved.
Thank you, Tom and Mary. I am eternally grateful to you and your church. The little girl that you see in the pictures above, her happy smiles and great progress is partly because of you. I know you are not the only ones who continue to think of Grace and pray for her. Her journey is not over and she still has along way to go, but we know that you'll be here with us.

Thank you again to our friends in Chicago, CCUC, Joshua Fellowship, Lansing/Michigan friends, South Church, CCCC in Cleveland, friends in St. Louis, Autumn Ridge in Rochester, Rochester Chinese Church, MSU CCF crew, Oregon friends and of course, thank you to all our supportive friends who read Sunny with a side of on the blogosphere, who have lifted up our family with encouraging words and thoughts. This child is so blessed beyond words can describe, and I will continue to share her growth with you throughout the years. You have all become such an important part of our lives, and I can not imagine how we could have gotten through last year's hardships without you! We love you guys, and hope that you will all be able to meet this little girl you have been praying so hard for. We want her to grow up knowing and remembering how much she is loved.

This is my first time posting a video, it's a little small, but here is a clip of Grace walking with her walker:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gingham styling when I retire

Top: Banana Republic
Shorts: Jcrew
Flats: Jcrew
Bag: Prada

So this topic has nothing to do with the outfit, but I think most of you have figured out by now that I babble about random things completely unrelated to fashion posts. That’s what makes blogging fun, I suppose. You get to do/say a little bit of everything. Today my random, nonsense thought of the day was triggered by a home visit that I made to one of my older patients last week who lives by himself. It got me thinking…

Have you guys ever thought about what you would want to do on a typical day after you retire? You must think I’m crazy. Maybe I’m just working around too many old people. Seriously though, our lives are busy now, but one day (for me, 35 years from now), we will have NO WORK to do. No deadlines to meet. No projects to complete. Our days will be free and empty…. To do what?

So I was thinking about this in the bathroom the other day how I would want to plan out each day:

My daily retirement schedule:

Wake up at ANYTIME! Lets say 9AM.  
Read the paper (or maybe in 2048 they’ll have CMR** brain chips that will deliver all information to us through wireless magnetic downloads), have breakfast and drink my coffee.

10-10:30 AM: Gentle exercising - Tai Chi (This has been proven to reduce the risk of falls in the elderly) or Yoga, if my osteoporotic hips will still allow

10:30-11AM: Shower and get my hair did with my nursing home friends

11-Noon: Watch The Price is right. This show will be on FOREVER…. And I will watch it through my CMR brain chip. Either that, or Young and the Restless, which will also be on forever.

Noon-1: Lunch

1-3 pm: Nap time! Yes, I love long naps

3-4 pm: Tea and biscuits with the ladies. Maybe play some Mahjong or cards, specifically Euchre

4-6 pm: Happy hour: Read my favorite books. Boy so many books to catch up on. I want to re-read all the classics, all the Stephen King and Michael Crichton series, maybe re-read the Babysitters Club. Knit/sew for the grandkids. Do my quiet-times/read the word/pray. Take granny blog pictures of the latest and greatest denture products and hearing aids J Yes, I will still be blogging at that time. Will you still be reading along? My goal is 10,000 bloglovin friends by that time

6-7 pm: Dinner

7-8 pm After dinner walk/stroll/exercise regimen

And here’s the best part:

8pm- Bedtime: Popcorn and movie night EVERY NIGHT. I plan to catch up on all the TV show series I’ve stopped following- like LOST, Glee, Grey’s anatomy, 24 and Breaking Bad. Just to name a few.

HOW AWESOME WOULD THESE DAYS BE??? What would you guys do?? I can't wait to retire. Golden years, here I come!

**CMR = cellular memory review