Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grace is 9 months old!

Grace is 9 months old! She has been home for 7 weeks now, and is doing really well. She hasn’t had any seizures!!!! Her left side is getting stronger and she is just the happiest baby ever. She still has a pretty large pocket of fluid on the right side of her head. It doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller, but the neurosurgeons say that it may take a few months to go away. She’s starting to sit by herself again, although she still needs a little bit of support. 2 weeks ago, she was able to experience being a flower girl at Jackie and Thomas’s wedding in Chicago! We are so lucky to have her, and we are so happy that she has been doing well. Thank you all again so much for her prayers. Please continue to pray for her recovery, that we will be able to taper her off her seizure medicines successfully without any recurrence of seizures, and that she will continue to grow and develop well despite her limitations. She will have another MRI in October to take another look at her brain. We hope that those results will turn out well. Grace’s journey continues, and we will continue to keep you updated on her progress!

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  1. I just happened to click on your blog link from wendyslookbook page. Your baby is very beautiful. I cried. :( I hope she gets better.


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