Thursday, September 13, 2012

Closet rediscoveries | First Fashion post

Closet Rediscoveries

I debated for awhile whether to do a closet rediscoveries section, but then I figured, why not? Could be fun! For those of you who don't know, we recently bought a home (pictured behind these shots). This wonderful home came with a beautiful, custom built closet that I fell in love with instantaneously and is largely the reason why I forced Aaron to buy this house. Haha.

Aaron says I have too many clothes. Reluctantly, I agree with him. I was actually able to fill this gigantic closet. I didn't realize how many clothes I had until the closet was full and I still had more stuff. The sad thing is, I have this awful habit of buying tons of cute clothes, and really wearing only 10% of it. I have this signature "Christy" outfit- which is basically just jeans and some type of neutral top (white, gray, black or brown). It's my safe outfit.. kinda like Daria (remember Daria from MTV?) She wore the same stuff every day. Over and over. Boring. My friend Rachel says that I need to add more color to my wardrobe, which I've been trying to do recently. My problem is, I love cute and colorful stuff, but I'm always afraid to wear it in public. I get self conscious.

Instead, I wear it in my closet and giggle to myself. Such a waste, isn't it?

Anyways, so recently we've had to watch our spending a little bit and I promised Aaron that with the amount of clothes I already have, I will NOT buy any new clothes for a WHOLE YEAR. Starting from my birthday (Yesterday). Huge commitment. 

Instead, I will fully utilize what I already have, rediscover the abundance and variety of clothing pieces, and learn to appreciate them more. I seriously have stuff that I have NEVER EVER worn before, but I bought them because they were cute and on sale. They sit in my closet and collect dust... it's such a waste. I'm hoping that I can use this blog to explore my clothes a little bit more, appreciate what I have, discover new combinations to share with you guys, and maybe even find a new hobby to do around here. 

Lets see how long I can keep up with the no shopping for 1 year promise.

I got this yellow blouse from Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago and it has been so versatile. Its one of my favorite shirts right now. I've even worn it as pajamas

Aaron actually took these pictures. I was very impressed. He normally isn't a very good photographer, but he's a fast learner. I showed him a few fashion blog sites and he picked up how to shoot from different camera angles just like that. 

As I'm typing this, apparently the Bears are losing pretty bad right now. That's too bad. Sorry Chicago, maybe next time.

I'll try to do a closet post once a week or so, but if you get sick of it and prefer to see more pictures of Grace, let me know and I'll stop :) hehe

|| Outfit ||

Top: Classiques entier
Skirt: White house Black Market
Shoes: Prada 
Watch: Birthday gift from Aaron (Skagen)
Bracelet: Forever 21

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  1. Cute outfit! That is a huge commitment to not buy anything for a whole year! But I give you props in making it. Seems like you'll have a whole bunch of fun in trying and switching out different clothes to make new outfits. :]

  2. So cute! I love it

  3. Yellow looks amazing on you! Love your style.

  4. Gorgeous look,love your shoes, nice blog, follow each other?

  5. That skirt is gorgeous! I would love to find one like it.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. No shopping for a year!? I would dieeee! LOL No seriously, even thrift shopping? No? The season change has already got me shopping LOL Good luck and keep us updated on your no shopping challenge :) Oh and you should install the GFC follower button :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  7. I lovee your skirt! it's gorgeous! btw I follow you if you'd like to follow me back go here.

  8. AHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS CHRISTY!!! So happy to have inspired you to do this but OMG, no shopping for a whole year?!?!? Why would you make such a promise?? LOL. I couldn't do it, I just couldn't. I did no shopping for 1 month and I was pretty proud of myself...!! Anyways, you look totally adorable and Aaron did SUCH a great job w/ these pics for his first time! I can't wait to see more more more fashion posts from you!! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. GREAT outfit - I LOVE the skirt!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  10. always in the mood for a good shoe. Nice prada's

  11. Great skirt and top!

  12. Love your shoes. Like that light and easy look style. You will look good in a lot of different styles. Go for it girl!

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