Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Workwear with Mikarose

I think it's so interesting how style and preferences changes throughout someone's life. It's like going through chapters in a book. It grows with you as you mature. It takes you through different adventures. I remember when I started this fashion venture a few years ago, I was all about trying pattern and color mixing with whatever was in my closet. Then I went through an obsessive skirt phase, followed by a coat phase...then patterned tights. Although it was fun experimenting with all this, I looked at my closet a few months ago and realized all I did was collect clutter. My friend, Rachel and I encouraged each other to try something called a "Capsule Closet" as an effort to declutter our lives.  3/4 of my closet was donated/sold and I only kept the essentials. At the end, I prefer simplicity, elegance and modesty. This is one of my favorite dresses from Mikarose- a boutique dedicated towards reinventing modesty for women. I wouldn't mind if I completely turned over my closet with Mikarose clothing! :)

Dress: C/o Mikarose
Sandals: Old (J.C Penny I think)
Earrings: Chloe and Isabel 

Grace and Grandpa making Chinese stickybuns


  1. You are one brave soul doing the capsule closet. Someday... Maybe... I'll do it too.
    Right now just thinking about it gives me panic attack. Bec nothing fits so I don't know what to give up ~ everything???

    1. It has actually been strangely liberating!! My head is clear every time I enter my closet now- it's like being cured of schizophrenia :)

  2. awww such a pretty dress
    i really need to do another closet clean out


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