Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn Orange

Sweater: Thrifted
Jacket: Modcloth
Jeans: Target
Boots: Tory Burch

No matter how enticing it seems to live in beautiful California or sunny Florida (where you get perfect warm weather every single day of the year), I still prefer to be in the Midwest. I can’t imagine not being able to experience all four seasons, especially Autumn. I think my brain would be so confused, particularly when Christmas comes around and… wait, what? Why is it so humid out? Plus, going through four seasons just means you get to have more variety of coats and footwear J

In other news and updates, since I’ve been such a blog slacker (I give myself a D- )
1. I’m starting a new job in December! Yay! All that training finally has come to an end. I’m also scared out of my mind to be taking care of patients all by myself, but that’s where Google and Wikipedia come in very handy, right? 

2. Got in a pretty bad car accident last Saturday L It was a head-on collision on the freeway and my car is completely totaled. Although I’m sad about the car, I’m extremely grateful to have walked away from the accident with only some minor bruising. Life is precious

3. Grace is now saying a few more words in Chinese! She can also squirm up one stair and pull herself to her knees. She’s not walking yet, but she sure has come a long way. Just a year ago around this time, she had her last brain surgery. I continue to be amazed how much kids can progress in just one year

Hope you guys are doing well! Will be catching up on all your blog posts soon!


  1. Omg, thank goodness you are okay from your accident! That must have been so scary! Life is so precious for sure. I love the Modcloth jacket so much on you and the color is really good on you!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  2. This is such a beautiful fall color combination. I love the sweater - from what I can see, the neckline is especially lovely.

    So glad that you're OK from the accident!

  3. oh goodness, i'm so sorry to hear about your accident! i'm glad you are ok and I can only imagine how scary that was.

    i'm loving this orange coat on you!! it's perfect for Fall and i'm loving the colorful leaves in the background.

    and Grace is so cute! i actually just read up on her brain surgery post on your blog and wow, i can't believe everything you and your family has gone through. you definitely amaze and inspire me!

  4. Wow, the car accident sounds scary... glad you are OK. Love the fall colors of your outfit! We used to live in Michigan and the fall foliage was pretty amazing. Best of luck to you on your new job! I hope your December start date means that you are taking some time off before hand to enjoy. :D Your daughter looks so cute in that red jacket!

  5. You girls, you are too adorable! Congratulations on the new job, that's wonderful news. And what a clever little pumpkin, you need to video some of her jibber-jabbering for us to see!!! You definitely suit fall lady xx

  6. Your daughter is precious! I am glad you are ok after your accident. It really puts things into perspective, doesn't it? I love this rich mix of fall colors! Great post! Susan

  7. First, you look gorgeous! Second, I'm so glad to hear you're ok! Third, so exciting about Grace! She is so stinking cute!

  8. Thankfully you weren't seriously injured! I'm glad Grace is doing well, and these pictures are beautiful. :)

  9. Hello gorgeous! Love those beautiful Fall colors on you!! As a Californian, I agree with you completely. I don't understand why it's forecasted to be 81 degrees tomorrow?! Just when I had my coats ready to go. I'm so so glad to hear you are okay after the accident - life really is precious. Yay to Grace starting to speak Chinese and her determination to start walking!! Such a strong little girl :) Have a wonderful rest of the week/weekend!!! <3


  10. omg'd christy! God was with you! I'm so glad you're ok. A car can be replaced, but not you doll. I love your jacket and the black underneath. It's so pretty. A lady today had an orangey color jacket with brown underneath. Both works. Congratulations on your new job! You will be just fine.Can I be your wiki, google, mozilla firefox, dogpile and yahoo assistant? I have a phD in it! HAHAHA happy halloween.

  11. I like all four seasons too! and am glad you are OK from the accident...

  12. I'm so glad you are ok! what a scary ordeal.

    That orange is a lovely colour on you - beautiful pics!

  13. Congrats for new job, nice jacket..
    Keep in touch,

  14. Wow.. I'm so glad you are ok and not injured seriously from the car accident... in other news you look great!! I love that jacket.. Congrats on the new job, you will be amazing at it!!

  15. That orange is so gorgeous on you! And your hair looks absolutely perfect.


  16. Oh my that is scary about the car accident and I am glad you walked away from it too. Gorge boots btw.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  17. Oh my goodness--so glad you're okay! Totally agree that life is so short and precious. I'm totally loving that gorgeous orange color on you though. So perfect for fall!

    Congrats on starting your new job soon! Looking forward to more updates soon...

    Aloha from Hawaii,
    <3 Jenn from Cao Bella

  18. I am so happy I came across your blog and I am a new follower! Absolutely love this orange jacket on you!


  19. Great jacket! Love the cut and colour

  20. Oh my gosh I am obsessed with that coat! The color and fit are so pretty :)

  21. Love this jacket. Gorgeous. The colour and the texture. Love it.


  22. I'm glad you were able to walk away from the accident.

    The photography is lovely.

  23. I'm so glad you are safe! I know how terrifying car accidents can be! Love your look here; your jacket is beautiful. Also, love your little one. She is too cute!

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (currently running a Concrete Necklace giveaway, if you are interested)

  24. I love Grace's Burberry quilted jacket! She's so stylish :) And of course, you look fantastic!

    On another note, it can get cold in North Florida... if you count low 40s cold :)

  25. LOVE the color of that jacket! I also love having the 4 seasons and variety of clothes :P. Oh my gosh, a car accident?!?!??! I'm SO GLAD you're ok. Life certainly is precious. And the photo of Grace is tooo adorable! Love that jacket!!!!

  26. I love having 4 seasons as well and Fall is the most beautiful with all those colors.
    Oh my goodness, I'm glad to hear you are ok.
    Congrats on the new job! And a YAY for Grace, love her pumpkin picture! - Eva

  27. I love the color, specially paired with that shade of green! Very fall :) Your daughter is as cute as ever!

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  28. Christy, you look so gorgeous and elegant here! Love the lovely orange coat :) Thank God your accident was not fatal! Please be careful :)
    Grace looks so sweet in this pic :)

  29. Nice look! I love those boots!

  30. Omg, I'm so relieved to hear you weren't too hurt from that car accident, how scary!! What a bummer that your car got so damaged though, I'm so sorry about that.

    Congrats on the new job btw!! And you look SO pretty in this outfit. I wish I had all four seasons, I'm sooooo jealous! hahaha.

  31. I love your orange jacket, you look so pretty!

    I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt in your accident. And yay for your new job! And a bigger yay for Grace progressing! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  32. Hi, so good to see you here. I too, have been away from my blog living life so to speak.
    I am grateful that you are fine after your car accident, another moment to be thankful for this season. God bless on your new position at work, you will do well.

  33. Hey thank God you are ok! Love these photos. Beautiful autumn colours and outfit. The orange with green is just lovely!
    Fang Ting

  34. i feel the same way. i am currently living in Greece, and it is SO weird to not have snow during December... what the what?!

    love your blog!

  35. I miss your posts! Will you be updating this blog sometime soon? I know with the new baby and new job, it can be a prob ;)

    love following you on IG though. take care and kiss those babies for me. xx


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