Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day with a side of vintage LV

Happy early Independence Day!
I apologize if you've been seeing an over-abundance of red, white and blue outfits.
 Lets throw this one into the mix too :)  I don't usually wear red much, so it was fun to utilize my one and only red clothing item
This is a totally recycled outfit. Is that allowed in the fashion blogging world? Ah, whatever...
I wore this dress already here. And the red top here
This purse carries an interesting back story
When Aaron and I first started dating (6 years ago), I had no interest in designer items. I was as happy as a clam wearing random clothes from anywhere. I didn't understand the concept of designer wear. Why are they such sought after gems? Why do women go nuts over Louis Vuitton? I don't get it, it's just a bunch of letters on rock hard, inflexible leather.

Not long afterwards, Aaron's incredibly fashionable mom generously gave me this purse where she got in Paris, France over 25 years ago. It was my first designer bag, and I didn't know what to say or what to do with it. I just sat there and studied it for a long time, and it stared back at me. I didn't know how to love it because it was so foreign to me. Plus, I tried really hard to get over the fact that it looked kind of... "grandma".  So it sat around for awhile, forgotten and lonely in a dark hidden place. I was such an ungrateful, selfish fool.

I really hope Aaron's mom doesn't see this.
Fast forward 6 years later, it resurfaced again... and this time I was so happy to see it. What was "Grandma" looked more like a classy vintage style. What was "rock hard leather with random letters" transformed into a durable, italian saffiano leather with intricate hand stitched details. I hugged it like a long lost friend, and welcomed it back... this time grateful and appreciative. It's funny how tastes and perspectives change with time.
By the way, I'm still as happy as a clam wearing non-designer items... just with a new found appreciation for the differences between quality/comfort.
Grace and I had fun dressing up in July 4th colors :)

Dress: J.Crew ($15!)    Jacket: Plato's closet      Polkadot dress: Charter club      Shoes: Ferragamo     Purse: Vintage LV
Grace's Dress: Babygap
We ended the day with a family barbecue dinner.



  1. I love that your LV has a story behind it. I think the thing with classic pieces like this is that you could put it away again now for another 20 years and when you get it out again it will still be in fashion. I just love Grace, she is so precious! Happy 4th July to you all. xx

  2. love your dress!
    the bag is so gorgeous, glad to hear you bought it back out :D

  3. you look beautiful in your 4th of July coloured outfit! and your little girl is adorable! :)

    Metallic Paws

  4. Christy, I love your dress doll! And the little red jacket is the perfect addition to it. You look so pretty! I love your daughter's dress too! You two are 4th of July inspiration. I always love to see that! Your mother in law is so sweet. I was giggling at your story because I would've felt the same way, thought the same thing and done the same thing. However, it's a very classy structured purse. I really think it would look fabulous for winter! With a brown or black power business or pantsuit! It screams sophistication. Hold on to that bag :) Happy 4th to you and your family.

  5. love the outfit! you should wear red more often. it looks good on you. gives an air of femininity and power :) i love the little flowers in you little one's hair and dress. too cute! sounds like a super day! happy 4th to you! we just celebrated canada's birthday on the 1st so we had our own celebration too :)

  6. Ooh lovely!! Love the vintage LV! Gorgeous pictures!! FYI, I recycle outfits all the time on my blog... ;)

  7. Love your nautical look, the dress is such a cute print and your styling is perfect!

  8. oh holla nautical print and incredible LV purse!!! what a combo, you have the best fashion sense Christy. to know where this bag came from means even more, the sentimental value alone is worth everything! i am smitten with this look, you're beautiful and so is darling Grace!! hope the celebrations continue to the wee hours and fireworks are lighting up the skies all around you right now :)

    in response to your Man o' Steel comment continuation... um, wow Amy Adams. i wasn't stoked at 1st when she was penned for Lois's character but boy did she ever blow it away for me. i too saw the chemistry between them both and was all mushy right along with practically every other girl in the theater. yes and more yes! ♥

  9. So glad to hear that your appreciation for LV has grown and transformed over the years! It's my favorite designer brand because it stands the test of time :) In fact, my own mother's first designer bag was the LV Speedy which I've already stolen and wear as my own :P

    Veloria in Velvet

  10. Love this dress! Fun story about the bag, I don't think I'll even end up getting a LV (it's knd of in heard of in the Midwest) but I do love my Coach and the quality definitely sets it a part from my cheapo Target ones.

  11. Wow it's really generous of her to give you that designer bag :)


  12. You look so cute! I don't wear red much either - I have one red shirt and I wore it this week too!

    I'm totally with you on designer items... if I had a LV bag I would feel so weird about it, BUT the fact that yours is vintage and a gift makes it really special. And I think it looks great with your outfit!

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    this is the link : hope to hear from you soon and keep your work up!! love it! xx

  14. I like how you described your initial feelings toward LV bag, and that is how I feel about it on this current stage:) Very interesting story! --Zhuo

  15. I adore your dress! Very festive look!

  16. I adore your dress! Very festive look!

  17. lovely story !!!! but i like that vintage lv
    by the cute girl u have

  18. You and Grace look so beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

  19. What a gorgeous patriotic look - i'm definitely not sick of seeing red white and blue and that vintage LV is beautiful. Grace is the cutest. xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  20. Loved the story about the bag! What a great hand-me-down and awesome that you can appreciate it's value now!
    And also, that dress is adorable! (both of them)

  21. You and Grace are so cute in your red, white and blue outfits. You've got great pieces and should definitely recycle them on your blog.

  22. Thanks for your sweet comment our my mommy and me post Christy! Your daughter is adorable!

  23. Great Look!
    + do you want to follow each other?


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