Thursday, April 4, 2013

Skinny jeans: The Quest

The quest for the perfect skinny jeans...

Is it just me, or has it also been exceedingly difficult for you guys to find a pair of nice, comfortable, and well-fitted jeans? A pair that won’t reveal rear-crack embarrassment you when you sit down. A pair that stretches gently, but not so much that it feels baggy after you wear it just a few times. A pair that doesn’t have excessive material in certain places that manifest as crotch sag or hamstring flaps. Maybe I’m just picky, or maybe my body from the waist down is extremely deformed. Regardless, I’ve had a hard time. Then, when skinny jeans became popular again, it made my quest even harder! Now they have to be even more form fitted and calf flattering and ankle hugging and this and that…
That’s why when I do find a pair that is awesome, I tend to stick with that brand with faithfulness. These are the ones that I've been pretty happy with:

I can’t even begin to tell you how great these jeans are. At the end of the day, these are the ones that I will always come crawling back to. The length is perfect, the waist stretches to conform to a full, buffet- filled belly without popping the button. What I appreciate the most about these jeans is the material. There is a softness and durability that allows just enough stretch to be comfortable, but doesn’t sag after you wear it for a long duration. The color and fades are also very beautiful. It's the perfect length with flats and heels
Tip: Nordstrom rack sells them for at least 50% off, if not more

2.  Gap jeans
Before I got my seven skinnies, I wore Gap 1969 jeans almost everyday. They were the only pair that I had. I wore them so much that they looked acid-washed from all the baby drool, milk stains and dried stuck-on rice particles. They are comfortable, but the material is slightly heavier and thicker than Seven’s. Therefore, I found it less breathable… especially if you sweat a lot. The length tends to be longer, and scrunches on the bottom, giving it more of a grungy look.

These are probably the softest and most stylish jeans I have ever worn. They also magically shrink your thighs somehow. Don’t ask me how. They just do. They tend to be extremely form fitting and tight, but with a great length…. Slightly too tight for my taste, but they do make your legs look extra nice ;) Downside: they are more on the pricey side, but you can sometimes find good deals at Nordstrom rack

Now, I have never actually tried these jeans before, but they look really interesting. I appreciate the story behind these jeans. In 2001, the SanFrancisco based brand owner had hand-MADE his own jeans out of many pieces of recycled denim (kind of like a quilt). It was so comfortable and novel that it became popular pretty quickly. Each pair is hand sewn from over 50 individual pieces and has a really unique, innovative look. I have never seen jeans like that before, and I think it has enough fun and flare to enhance any simple outfit. Now that they also make skinny jeans, I’m really interested to give this one a try as well!

Jeans: 7 for all mankind   Shirt: Thrifted     Blazer: Banana republic   Purse: Prada Saffiano    Shoes: Ferragamo

            Which skinny jean brands have worked well for you? :)

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  1. Hi Christy! Great outfit, and that bag is gorgeous! Just discovered your lovely blog... your daughter is adorable and it's so great to meet another physician blogger!

  2. Thanks for the overview of these jeans, Christy! I also have a difficult time finding jeans that fit just right! Right now my go-to pair of skinny jeans are my Gap stirrup jeggings (I know! So 80s!) They are so soft and stretchy, and they are the perfect colour.
    I'm still on the hunt for a new pair to replace them, so thank you again for the overview!

  3. Im having a difficulty finding the jeans that fits right.. So thank you for the review
    Visit my blog and drop few words! Do you want to follow each other?:)
    sweet nothing

  4. Good denim is definitely hard to find. Thanks for these reviews!

  5. This post is so realistic! I went through a jeans overhaul a few months back. I realized that all the jeans I had were ill-fitting or of bad quality or both. So I chucked them and went jeans shopping only to find that it's harder than it would seem. I finally found one pair I loved - Gap legging jeans - and bought two. I eventually found one other style, also from the Gap, and I bought 2 of those. Four pairs after literally weeks of searching. Thanks for your recommendations. I'll keep them in mind!

  6. I completely agree with you, it is SO hard to find the perfect pair. I've experimented with every brand and price point and agree with your recommendations. I've also had luck with Loft's skinny jeans and Joe's Jeans. Just the right amount of rise and stretch. Great post!

  7. Hello! new follower here :) I've been having a hard time with skinny jeans too! Thanks for the tips, I'll have to go try them out
    - Julia @

  8. You look gorgeous, love that simply chic outfit

  9. love this post. I feel you on the jeans issue! I swear by Gap 1969 jeans because I don't have the budget for something more than $70ish. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Andrea

  10. Very nice jeans :)
    You look beautiful my dear


    Coline ♡

  11. It's so hard to find those 'perfect' jeans!
    I actually own Gap skinny jeans and I love them!
    But I have to say that I prefer pants,I recently
    bought pants in Zara and they are amazing-comfy,elastic and they fit me perfectly.
    Love your outfit,that bag is stunning! :)

    I'm your newest follower on GFC&Bloglovin,hope that you can check out mine,
    Have a great weekend Christy,

  12. I feel like my waist down is deformed too, girl. You're definitely not alone! I love your blazer!!!

  13. Everyone raves about 7 for All Mankind but they give me such mom butt every time I try them! I love Uniqlo's jeans because they're stretchy, fit well, and super-affordable - but I also wear my skinnies way tighter than yours!

  14. I have a few different types of skinny jeans and the two pair I like most is one of my cheapest & one of my most expensive. The expensive one is the 7for All Mankind jeans from Nordstrom. You're right, they are the most comfortable jeans without stretching out too much. I'll definitely try the gap jeans since they seem to be on sale a lot. Thanks for the info!

    Reaches the Sky

  15. These skinnies look great! Mine are from Old Navy and they stretch like crazy :(

  16. Visiting from the link up. Love your outfit. I would really appreciate it if you stopped by my blog and said hello. I'm also hosting a link up next Thursday April 11. Show me your favorite spring trend. Hope to see you there.


  17. have you ever tried ag jeans? they're some of the best fitting pairs that i've tried, and i've literally tried hundreds (sad, huh?). they fit snug without waist gap and dont bag out too bad. some washes are stiffer than others. i usually get mine on ebay for <$50

  18. I love J Brand Jeans for skinnies, they fit me like a glove! and pull everything in ;)

    love from San Francisco,

  19. Thank you. Your little girl is so adorable and I love your outfit. Have a nice weekend Christy!!

  20. It's a never ending search for the perfect jeans; particularly skinny jeans. I've tried sevens, joe's, and j brand. I also own colored jeans from Express. And none of them to me are perfect! To add to the difficulty, I'm on the shorter end (only 5'1) so I have to worry about hem as well. I'm going to give j brand another whirl and I want to try Currentt/Elliott. So I'm with ya....the hunting begins.

    Btw, love the necklace.


  21. Very sharp and professional. Love your necklace!

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  23. Oh yes, a nice pair of skinny jeans are rather hard to find to be honest. I don't own many pairs,I really should invest in some good ones that I can throw on any time! I love the blazer you have on! :D

  24. hi!!! :) your look is amazing!
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  25. Your look is so elegant and beautiful! And I love how you matched it with a necklace.

  26. Very interesting post sweety,

    Check my latest post about blogging tips!

    Kisses from Bucharest,


  27. It is definitely a struggle to find good skinny jeans - I get most of mine from Old Navy, they're usually cheap and comfy and fairly well fitting.
    This outfit is stunning! I love your jeans and blazer.

  28. I always have the problem to find a perfect fitting skinny jeans,because I`m a short person(5"3) and here they only have skinny jeans for tall persons. So sometimes I have to search for skinny jeans in the children`s department :)
    Also your outfit is great and I like the necklace.

  29. Christy, I have a fight all the time when I am looking for pants in generell. Having wide hips make it so difficult, so thats why I need to grab for pants with a high stretch amount. and most of the time they are too long as well hahaha :-). When I find a perfect fitting one I usually get myself another pair, just in case sth happens to the other pair :-). I really love your statement necklace dear and those cute flats :-) Pretty as always my dear.

    As to your question on my recent post and the background. It's a castle in the town where I live. It's just so beautiful to take pics with having the Alps in the background and the lake constance and then this castle :-)


  30. The most annoying thing about my skinny jeans is that they have no stretch at all to them. I'm not used to wearing jeans like that! But I've been too lazy to look for a new pair because it is such a pain to try them all on. I love yours! They look perfect.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  31. Great topic, finding skinny jeans is really difficult! I'm glad you mentioned Sonas Denim. They are a favorite of mine and such a cool story, you must try them soon!



  32. J Brand never fails! Great list of skinnys, and cute blog!

    xo Anne Marie

  33. Finding jeans is so hard! I had a pair of Lucky Brand straight leg jeans which were PERFECT, but they don't make anymore. I had a pair of AG skinnies I bought secondhand that were incredible, but I can't quite bring myself to spend the $180 retail on. Everything else, including the ones I currently have, all bunch up at the knees or stretch out - I don't know how everyone else looks so great in their Old Navy Rockstars!

    You are the second person I know who just raves about her SFAM jeans, though, so maybe I will have to try that next!

  34. i honestly just get old navy skinny jeans hehe!! :) and i am soo jealous of your prada bag!! i don't own any!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  35. I like BR skinny jeans but every year and each style is hit or miss. My favorite pair is from last year and I'm glad I bought a few to rotate. I also recently tried Old Navy rockstar jeans (not sure what took me so long) and the sizing is off but once you find the right size they are perfect and don't stretch out or bleed.

    What Jess Wore

  36. You look beautiful! Usually I get my jeans from places like Old Navy, Forever 21.. because they usually have smaller sizes that fits petites. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  37. I'm doing a link up this Thursday April 11. Show me your favorite spring trend. Woudl love it if you joined. I'm also giving away a $300 gift card to Gap. Check it out.


  38. Love this look girl! So casual yet so chic. I adore those shoes too! xo

  39. I love JBrands but I now love DL 1961, they are my absolute favorite! Please stop by my site at when you have some time. I'm giving away a signature bracelet seen on celebrities by Henri Lou.


  40. great overview! I'm actually on a weird kick with Forever 21 jeans. I know...weird right?! haha
    Love your grey Prada!

  41. My favourites are the Gap (nothing like them!), and surprisingly, Old Navy! For like $20 they are pretty great, I would recommend!

  42. You picked a few of my favorite skinny jeans! I love J Brand and Gap. Well, Gap more for boyfriend jeans, but still...they make great quality denim. My favorite brand of skinny jeans are Paige Denim. Those are the only jeans I've found that are the perfect length most of the time. I buy mine from recycled clothing shops like Crossroads Trading Co so I don't have to pay full price!

    I love your amazing bag and your blazer is so sophisticated. Gorgeous look! <3


  43. Finding a good pair of jeans is so tough! Right now I don't need any jeans, and I am so thankful because I hate shopping for new jeans. It always makes me feel like there is something wrong with my body-type. I have had a lot of luck with Banana Republic jeans for whatever reason. It is always good to have a brand you know fits you well!

  44. I always struggled to find a good jeans for myself and felt so embarrassed when I could never find anything which looked good on me and sometimes felt that I have a weird body type. One of my office colleagues introduced me too this online jeans website, on this website all I have to do is give my measurements select a fabric and order the jeans online. Its the simplest way of buying jeans and you don't have to worry about your body type because they custom fit the jeans.
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    1. Too bad this doesn't stand behind their product though. The jeans they sent me did not match the measurements that I submitted. When I brought this to their attention, they did not offer to remake them like their website says. Such a disappointment.

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